Close Pickup or Delivery popup on order page

Hi, I am setting up my catering business on the online platform and all was looking good. I offer pickup or delivery so set that up. 

When testing, users go to the site, go to the /order Menu page of my items only to be annoyed by a popup asking for their preference of Pickup or Delivery (and subsequent address etc) ..


On desktop you can click to one side and the popup goes away (but you have to know to do that) 


On mobile you cannot get away from it. So you have to fill in the form to proceed BEFORE you can even see what you sell? This seems like the exact opposite of what I need. It may work fine for a fast food restaurant you have visited before and know the menu and location but in my case, consider the scenario:

  • A customer finds you on google
  • Goes to your site, thinks it looks good but has no idea of your offering
  • Goes to your offering (without knowing your exact location)
  • Cannot see it without putting in pickup or delivery and possibly disclosing personal info
  • Leaves the site having not seen what you offer


This popup should be closable or better still the customer journey should be configurable to show the popup AFTER you have seen the offering, or AFTER you have added something to your cart. Thats what makes sense to me and I would argue, most people unless it is fast food like pizza or burgers 🙂 


Support said it cannot be changed. Please update and make it something we can choose. 

Thank you  



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Hey @CPCo,


If you let me know your website address I'd be happy to take a further look (feel free to DM it if you don't want to share in public).


I just took a look at my test account and had no issues viewing menu items prior to entering an address. I wonder if it's a setup thing and perhaps support haven't explored every option? Do you see an "Explore our menu" button on the home page on mobile? This is how I viewed the menu without entering an address (which is done to make sure the person who wants to order is within the order range).

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Hello Seamus. Thank you for your reply. I will DM you. I really hope you can help that would awesome.

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