Double booking through square appointment

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Making double booking appointment for client at the Hair salon

Hello: I’m a hair stylist and using Square for the first time. Will the booking app allow me to double book my clients? For example: I normally book a single process color with 30 min application and 30 min processing time; during that 30 min processing time, I will take a client in between. Will I be able to do that with square?

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Is there a way to "double book" hair appointments??

For example: When I have a client who gets color and a haircut/style. I generally would schedule them XX time in the beginning, XX time for processing, and XX time for come back service; and usually I try to schedule another client in their processing time. It doesn't seem like I can set appointments up that way with square. Anyone know a work around??


I tried putting services separately for color with extra blocked time and cut/style with no blocked time. When I scheduled a client for both services I added the color service first and it showed the blocked time. Then I added the cut and it removed the blocked time and put the cut immediately after the color application.

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Re: Is there a way to "double book" hair appointments??

Great question, @Hair-Rebel


You're correct that there isn't the ability to book an appointment that overlaps another appointment for processing time, but it's a popular request. 


Our product team appreciates these kinds of posts, so I'll be sure to share the example with them. Hopefully other sellers have workarounds to suggest!



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Re: Is there a way to "double book" hair appointments??

This issue has to be solved by the Square tech team as this can cause major financial lose to the stylist, and can be a turn off to the use of application, most of the salon application do that I don't see why Square can't do that. 

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Re: Is there a way to "double book" hair appointments??

I hear you, it's certainly a popular request. We'll pass on the feedback and update here if this changes in the future.

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Re: Is there a way to "double book" hair appointments??

I was excited to keep the appointments option for my new salon opening, however I am now seeing you cannot double book.  This is a HUGE bummer.  Especially because you cannot shrink or expand appointments, or double book multiple people.  Thats how we make money.  If this can't be intergrated, I suppose I will have to use a different software.  It does not make sense for the user to overlap the appts.  It makes the day look very confusing.  There should be the option to book a service with a finishing time. 

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Re: Is there a way to "double book" hair appointments??

@RebelFemmeSalon We appreciate the feedback here. 


This has been one of the more popular requests when it comes to appointment booking. Hopefully our Product Team can get something implemented in the near future that works for you. 

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