Feature Request: Add Open Tickets feature to Square for Retail

The title of this post has been edited from the original: Is having an "Open Ticket" an option in Square for Retail?



Using Square for Retail, if  Customer #1 needs to leave the counter during a transaction, can I save or suspend their ticket while I ring up Customer #2, and then go back to complete customer #1's sale?

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Hi there @Alli_BDT 👋


The Open Tickets feature is available when using the Square Point of Sale app, but not the Retail app.


However, we have a Save Cart feature. From there, you can turn a cart into a pickup or shipping order, but your customer would need to pay in person. We would suggest adding the items that your customer wants to the cart, then sending a payment link, without using open tickets at all. Learn more about this here!


Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 3.34.39 PM.png  Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 3.33.32 PM.png


Let me know if you have questions about this, or give us a call if you want to walk someone through the steps you're taking!

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Hi @hhbrewing,


Here is a guide to print an order ticket. You can set them up to print automatically through the Square app and the Square for Retail should have a very similar process. Best of luck!

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There is no print button in the Square for Retail app. And you can’t set online orders to print automatically.

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Hello @hhbrewing,


Thank you for your patience.


After looking into our retail system, it is looking like this is a feature request. We've gone ahead and reached out to our team to escalate this inquiry. They should be reaching out soon. 


Please let me know if you have any other questions by replying to this thread. 

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What is the status of this feature? We are able to automatically print online orders from Square for Restaurants, but this is still not possible in Square for Retail. This needs to be an option, please.

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I also need this important feature. It seems like every one of the Square POS systems has its own pros and cons. For instance you can’t set a cost price on items in the restaurant or standard square app. 

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Hi @AshleyK 

I am trying to do the same. I need self-serve and pickup/dropoff orders to print at the kitchen printer as the POS orders do.

I do not see the option Settings > Remote Orders anywhere?

We are using the reatail POS. We really need this feature so we can process *all* orders 

coming off the printer.




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@Dirky Thanks for asking! I've merged your post to another thread (that it looks like you already found). 


While you can manage online orders through the Square for Retail app you cannot have them print like you would through the Square Point of Sale app and the Square for Restaurants app. I checked with engineering and this is a feature request they are aware of and hope to squeeze into our roadmap. 

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Thanks @AshleyK . If I set cost prices for items on the square dashboard 'Items' and 'Online'. Can we then use the Square Point of Sale on all our iPads and have it record the cost prices and correctly report on the Dashboard profits etc?

This may actually get round the issues if that is the case.


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Hi all,

We just bought the Star mc-print3 printer specifically so we could print online orders automatically as they come in. We are using Square for Retail, and the online store with Weebly. I can print receipts with no problem, but the receipts don't have the info for Postmates, Curbside pickup, Customer name, etc, and they don't auto-print. After reading these forums, it appears the workaround is to download Square Register and set up auto printing for online orders. So we did that, and it does work, but then why are we paying for Square for Retail? Right now we have "regular Square" running in the background on one of our ipads so that it'll auto print our online orders, notifying our staff to go pull that order for pickup/delivery. I can't even print the order AT ALL from the orders tab on Square for Retail, there isn't even the option. 

Bizarre. Can we request this feature be added to Retail, since it's already free in the Register app?

Thanks for any help!

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Hey @RabbitFoodGro-


Thanks for posting in the Seller Community.


I'd like to understand your business just a bit better. What features within Square for Retail do you use/are necessary for your business that keep you from using the Square Point of Sale app? 


Let me know! Then I can make a better suggestion. 

Isabelle She/Her

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We are a boutique grocery store. So the feature we mainly use is Purchase Orders and the ability to scan in stock as it comes in. Would love the ability to print online orders from the Retail app, because it would make life easier. Now when we run both POS and Retail, it makes our barcode scanners confused and try to disconnect and reconnect to each app. Really a pain.

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We've been waiting for them to bring that option to square for retail (would help a lot).  They told us they are "working" on it.

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I use Square for Retail to run my store, when I receive an online order from Square Online, the order shows up in the retail app and allows me to mark as ready or picked up. The retail app does not allow me to print the order ticket, however I am able to print it from the regular POS app. It is a huge pain in the butt to switch back and forth between apps.


Am I just missing something? The ability to print online order tickets from retail would be great as online is huge in todays day.

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Hi @sunrise2020! I've merged your post to an existing thread that should help answer your question. Of course, let me know if I need to answer any others. Also, welcome!! 🙂

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This is not what I was asking, I was talking about order tickets from orders place via online store. I am not able to print them from the retail app. I am able to print them from the POS app, but its a pain going back a forth. @AshleyK 

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Just merged it. Let me know if this still works for you!

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We’re having the same issue. In Square for Retail, we can open “Orders” and manage them but CANNOT print them to the receipt printer from the app. We’d like them to print automatically as online orders come in, but we also want to print them on demand.


I can’t believe this isn’t possible. 

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Same issue here. We can automatically print online orders from Square for Restaurants, but cannot do so from Square for Retail. Can't even print orders manually if you want to. This is a huge issue, especially going into the holidays. What is the status of adding this feature? Thank you!

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Hi @Cheesetique - thanks for reaching out! Still no shareable update on this Feature Request, just yet. As soon as we have some solidified information to share, we will reach back out here and let you know.


Thanks, again!

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I too, am having problems with a simple feature not being available. I need to be able to print individual online orders with the customer name on the order for my business. With the features presently available I either have to hand write orders or screen shot the orders. This seems like such a simple and absolutely necessary feature for businesses, especially in today’s business world with the needs for no contact delivery and pickup. Please notify me here or by message if an update for printing online orders with customer name becomes available. 

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Here's what we're doing. We use Square for Retail as our main interface. But we keep "regular Square" running in the background on both iPads so that when an online order comes in it'll print the ticket automatically. It works fine, but would be real nice if I could get the system that we pay extra for to do the thing that the free version does. 😕

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