Feature Request: Cancel contracts

I just contacted the help center to find out if I could cancel a contract once it's been created, and Mary informed me that it's not possible. 


I would love it if this feature was possible:


I use square contracts as a way to lay out specific terms for my clients who are often not familiar with SOP for my industry. That way I can send them a nice clean contract with everything explained and they can either agree and sign, or we decide its not a fit and move on.


Comment if this would be helpful for you too!

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Hey @EntertainmentJ!


Thanks for posting in the Seller Community. I see that you already called our Support Team, who confirmed that Archive is only available for signed contracts and only Delete is available for drafts. Neither of which offer a cancel options.


Our Product Team is aware of this limitation and is exploring the idea of launching a cancel feature. 


I'll go ahead and move your post to the Feature Request board for visibility and so other sellers can weigh in. 


Community Moderator, Square
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