Feature Request: Custom invoice and purchase order numbering

Would like to see the ability to set a custom start number for Invoices and purchase orders.

We are in the process of moving our existing system over to Square POS/Invoices/Online and would like to be able to set a custom start number for PO's, Invoices, Estimates, Receipts etc. so that they don't start from 0001 again as these could cause issues with invoice and PO numbers doubling up, not to mention it looks like your company is only starting out if all the numbers are beginning from 0001 again. The ability to add a Prefix/Suffix to these numbers would also be handy.

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Hey @simonp,


Thanks for writing back in! Some of these features actually already exist 🙂


Square Invoices can be edited to start at a number of your choice. When you create your next invoice, enter the invoice number you'd like to start with in the Invoice ID field.


Any invoices going forward will follow the number you've entered. Estimate IDs can also be edited the same way.


While you can add a prefix, or suffix to your invoice ID to create an alphanumeric invoice IDs, only numeric invoice IDs will automatically update to the next number in the series. 


Square receipts references are alphabetical, and can't be customised at this time. Purchase orders can't be edited at this time either, so I'll definitely pass this feedback on to our product teams! 



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