Feature Request: Set up answerable questions during clock-in

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With COVID, we'd like to be able to ask employees a set of questions that they can answer when they clock ing.  For example, checkboxes they can click next to statement like "I am currently having no symptoms of illness" or "I have not knowingly spent time with anyone with COVID in the last 7 days" etc.  Rather than having to print out a bunch of paper that they fill out and sign, it would be really convenient if they could check those boxes when they clock in.  Is this something that we have the ability to customize at clock-in on our POS?

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Hey @LUCevents-


Unfortunately, we do not have this kind of customization available for clock-in/clock-out. It's a great idea though! I'll make sure to pass it along to our Product Teams.


However, with Team Plus, team members do have the ability to add notes to their timecard when clocking in or out to provide more context into what happened during their shift (e.g. someone arriving late or leaving early).


To add a note to a timecard:


  1. From the Checkout screen of the Square app, tap Clock In/Out.

  2. Enter your four digit personal passcode.

  3. Tap Clock In or End Shift

  4. Tap Add Notes > Enter any applicable notes.

  5. Save.

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