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Feature Request - Special Instruction for Online Items

Hi All,


Customers have been asking for a text box to enter special cooking instructions or with or without something to their item, This is causing some confusion as the customer chooses to add notes at checkout but this then appears on each station's notes and prints out on each docket.


On a previous system that we used we had the ability to have text box for each item we sold and as a setting we could switch this on or off in the back end. I have taken a screenshot as an example.



At the moment the customer is adding notes at checkout but can not put a note to the specific item. Like we can through the POS.

Thanks, Chris


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Hey @dimo10,


Thanks for the suggestion -  I get how this would make things a little easier for some customers and will pass on your feedback. It looks like this has been mentioned before, but it's not something we see a whole lot of demand for at the moment.


Looking at existing options, would modifier sets be able to fill this need at all? You could add these sorts of options in via selectable modifiers on your items, eg here's one something I mocked up on a cheeseburger item:





It'll give your items selectable options at the time the custom orders. The downside is the more you have, the longer it takes to scroll down the page, but it might be better than the confusion you're currently seeing.


Let me know if this works or not!

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Hi Seamus, 

Yes I have Modifiers for most of the common options.

This does make things faster for both my online and team members at the register but I simply can not anticipate every request a customer has. I do download all my orders periodically and look at the manually entered comments to see if there are modifiers i can add to speed up the ordering process.

This is more for Online as we have 3 stations that the order can get printed at and each ticket will have the same notes from the customer.

I am not sure but putting Chicken salt on a Hamburger with the lot does not sound the best to me.

Just trying to help improve the system so we all benefit.


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@dimo10 It's a totally fair request! As usual we'll continue to track feedback for this request here, pass the feedback on and I'll let you if I hear if anything changes. 


I think the way you're managing it at the moment sounds as good as it's going to get for now - try to account for logical modifiers to have on a per item basis, while trying to avoid unnecessary ones, and also maybe place a reasonable limit on what out of the ordinary requests your online orders can accomodate.


As an example of the latter, double fried chips is something I've heard requested before at fish and chips shops, but have never actually seen the option on an online menu - I assuming something like that may be a little too difficult to cater for within an online order workflow, but if you get a walk-in and they don't mind waiting then sure (you're going to know better than me here though if that example rings true).


The reason I'm a little less confident on this one becoming a reality in the short term is due to the sheer number of Square Online feature requests (many hundreds across support, community and social channels) and the way they are prioritised - balancing demand, whether existing features can meet some of the needs, how easy the feature would be to implement, other factors. In this case we're looking at a low demand feature request thats functionality can be largely or partially covered by existing features and involves change to a component (items) that would possibly require a heavy lift in terms of time/resources. Changes to how items work often have flow on effects to Square's other products (Point of Sale, Appointments, Retail, Invoices etc) as they all use the same base item library, so in adding something new for one product we've got to make sure it doesn't have any unintended consequences on others. 


None of which is to say it's not doable or we shouldn't do it! I'm also not an engineer so can only really take a guess at the difficulty of implementation. The best way to bring new requests to light and gain visibility and momentum is to post about them, so thanks for your contribution!

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