Feature Request: Specific timing reports in Dashboard // Card brand reports

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For the Square Online Dashboard could there be a way to run a report in more specific time? On the apps or even the terminal, you can run a report down to the minute but online, it's only by whole even times. What if I want to run a report for 3:35pm? I can do that on terminal or app but not the Square Online Dashboard?


Also, is there a way on a sales report to breakdown what TYPE of card was used to pay? I know you can do it by "payment method" or "payment types" but would be neat to see how many were AMEX or VISA for a more in depth look and reconciliation purposes. I know the CSV option is there but would be nice to not have an excel lesson with one of my employees where it could be a simple toggle.

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Re: Feature Request - Reporting

Hey @vkk!


Thanks for posting in the Seller Community.


I see what you mean by the limitations of the reports in the Square Dashboard, where you can only select an hour by hour time frame:



We do not currently have a report that shows you card brand types, other than the transaction .CSV which you've already discovered. We're always looking to update and evolve the Square Dashboard based on feedback and insight from our sellers, so thank you for sharing this. I'll make sure to pass this along to the appropriate team. 

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Re: Feature Request - Reporting

Thanks @Isabelle_ for the reply! 

I hope this is something they consider! Would be super helpful. 

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