Feature Request: Square Online Store shows customers how to properly enter Amex cards and CVV

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Amex are not able to be process because of confusion at the checkout. 
for the CVV number they show 3 digits. While Amex is a 4 digit number. So customer input the numbers on the back (similar to Visa/ MC) but Amex cards number is a 4 digit and it is in the front of the card. 

when processing the the cards it would be helpful if it explained that or showed difference in Amex vs Visa etc. 


this is causing customers to walk away frustrated because it is not working. This needs to be updated for the difference of Amex, visa etc. 

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Re: Amex decline

Hey @Cvirostek6


Thanks for posting in the Seller Community. 


Sorry to hear that this has been difficult or confusing when customers are checking out on your website. You are correct that Amex cards have a 4-digit CVV that needs to be entered during the checkout process. This is an issue that many Amex card users complain about when visiting websites (not just your own). 


Thank you for your insight and I'll be sure to pass it along to the appropriate team. 



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Re: Amex decline

So will Weebly Square correct it? There should be an explanation or an option to add 4 digits and show it. 

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Re: Amex decline

Hey @Cvirostek6.


Weebly would have to contact Amex to see how or what we can say in regards to manually entering the cards the issue. I believe Amex users have access to support articles about manually entering their cards. 


You could also add something on your website about accepting Amex cards. That way your customers could see this prior to checkout. 


Thank you for your post and bringing attention to this. 



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Re: Amex decline

So other companies have these instructions at their credit card area. So I don’t think it is impossible to have done. 
I also do not think it should be up to the customer to look up an article the company has.  Customers do not wan to have to read an article or find a link or do anything but enter their information. They will leave. So we have had several customers call and say they have tried over months to enter the numbers and it won’t work. They thought it was their computer, their bank, their account, or OUR problem. So this is an issue ongoing and effects sales. 

we were with another website host and did not have these issues. I certainly hope Weebly/square will resolve this issue. We have too many customers calling saying they can’t get an order through because of Amex or caches. It is frustrating to them and we lose sales. I hope Weebly/square can recognize that this is not a whiny complaint but an issue that effects our sales. 

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Re: Amex decline

Hey @Cvirostek6.


I understand your frustration, and I see what you're talking about. I am sorry about that. I have moved your post to the Feature Requests section of the Seller Community for Product Team visibility. 


We will post in this thread if we have an update on this. You're also more than welcome to contact us to speak with our Weebly Online Store Team to provide additional insight. Thanks again for surfacing this issue. 

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Re: Amex decline

Thank you! I hope this can be resolved. 

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