Feature Requests: Appointments

We have started using Square Appointments for our hair salon and are currently keeping our bookings offline until we make sure we've got it down pat.


A few features are lacking that we relied on with our previous salon software. We would love to see an 'already booked at that time' prompt – which is especially important when booking recurring appointments. We'd also love to see a prompt when a booking occurs outside of regular staff calendar hours.


We've been using the free Square for a year or so for our other business and also have a few feature requests for that as well. It would be amazing if a variable discount could be applied per item at checkout. (For example – one item at $82 has been marked down to $10 and second at $50 marked down to $5. The ability to discount the first one by $72 and the second by $45 (without creating separate NEW discounts each time this is done) would be ideal.)


Also, when editing Stock, the drop-down list choices are fairly narrow. (For a hair salon, hair products will get removed from retail inventory to use as working stock, and we like to track as such.) In addition to Edit Variation --> Stock Action, an 'Other' option with a field to enter additional info would be great.

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Re: Feature Requests: Appointments

Sorry, I forgot – other reasons we could use the Other option plus text field is to mark Stock for donations out samples. (Reasons that are important for year-end accounting.)

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Re: Feature Requests: Appointments

Also in Items, Supplier & Cost fields are also greatly missing.

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Re: Feature Requests: Appointments

Thanks for taking the time to expand your thoughts! We appreciate your feedback and consider it when implementing future improvements. @ommmh


As for the already booked bit, our Double Booking Prevention feature displays a warning when a new appointment conflicts with a staff member's working hours, or their other appointments.


For discounts, you're able to create one and leave it variable but only percentage discounts can be applied on an item level. Dollar discounts will apply to the whole sale. 


And lastly, the option to add custom stock actions is a popular ask among most Sellers. I asked around and unfortunately a release date for its future availability hasn't been announced yet. I'll add your post as a tally mark on the back-end for tracking right now. 


Hopefully I touched on everything. Let me know if I left any stones unturned.



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Re: Feature Requests: Appointments

Thank you for your reply Justin! 


Unfortunately, we are not getting a Double Book Warning?


Our calendar is offline for now until we're sure we want to open it up to customers. Is that why?


I noticed when I followed the link that it says specifically 'Web Calendar' ... does the prompt not work when the calendar is offline? That wouldn't make sense to me as when the staff is booking as it's just as important?

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Re: Feature Requests: Appointments

Justin, can the individual variable discount (per item) be added as a feature request? (I don't think we're the only retailer that would like this.) It's difficult to mark items down to specific amounts then have to separately calculate a total discount on multiple items while clients are waiting.


Also, is there an answer to the non-prompt of double-booking or outside hours if staff are booking (calendar is not online for client booking – yet)?


Thanks so much!

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