I'd like all of my POS devices to have an option to customize the item layout independantly

So we have the Square Register (the hardware) for our bar and two smaller iPads for servers. Those screens are very different in size and used for different situations. We are having issues with the page layouts because what fits well and works well for the big register clogs up the small iPad screens or even sometimes don't fit all the items at all. Also since they are used by different people in a little different way it would be great if they could have their own layouts as well as inherit the default layout.


I'd love it if there were a default layout I could set as the admin, then a per device default that could be the global default or something else set to that specific device, and finally a per-user default that would switch the layouts based on who is logged in on that device via their pin. So if any one of us would like to move something to make it easier for our individual situation it doesn't screw over some other user with different wants/needs/organizational philosophy/different amount of screen real estate. 

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Re: I'd like all of my POS devices to have an option to customize the item layout independantly

Hello @bgallaher! I think having the Point of Sale layout determined by employee PIN is an interesting suggestion. 


I want to make sure I have a good grasp on what you're looking in reference to the default layout or specific device layout. Are you looking for a way to mirror the layout across all devices? If you could provide an example or use case that would be great! This helps when conveying requests to the Product Team. 


I'll keep an eye out for your reply! 

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Re: I'd like all of my POS devices to have an option to customize the item layout independantly

Well, I'd like to answer you in a more timely manner, but for some reason, the support account always logs me in as the square account owner and not me. My husband and business partner signed our business up for square and so I never get notifications via email about my questions. :( With everything going on remembering to log in and check is problematic for me at this point. :/ 

Anyway, what I mean by default is I would like to have a default setup that any new person to the system would start with. Since a new employee has to learn our stuff any way they need to start somewhere. So if I could have some layouts stored and set one to their pin or a device by default it would give them a place to start and also a place to revert to.




Reggie: Waiter for night shift

Sid: Waiter/Barback night shift

Sally: Bartender night shift

Fred: Barista day shift

Minnie: New waitress


Use cases:

Reggie works the tables on a busy night shift. He deals with customers from their tables who are all ordering from a printed menu. He would like the pages on his tablet Square to mirror the menu pages so as he helps walk customers through the menu he doesn't have to surf around more than the customer.


Sid is a jack of all trades. He helps pick up slack behind the bar or on the floor. He goes between the iPad mini and large Square Register screen all night. He would like to have a more unified layout that matches the bar but since the mini screen can't hold as many items he would like to make two tabs per two one on the mini but order things in the same way between devices. 


Sally is a bartender who rarely has to work the floor or use the iPad minis. She slings drinks and rings up the folks who walk up or sit at the bar. She doesn't think of the menu much because her customers tend to know the drink they want. She'd like her pages organized by the liquor category rather than by the friendly name of the drink on the menu. If she makes a White Russian she thinks vodka and looks for that on her screen.

Fred is a barista and never works at night. His customers rarely order anything other than coffee, tea, or espresso drinks. He would like a simple layout that is item based, rather than category. The most popular drinks he sales front and center and he'll type to search for the rest. 


Minnie is a new waitress. She would like to start with the same layout as Reggie since he is training her. I would like to set Reggie's layout as a default and allow her to start there. After a couple of weeks, she finds a few things about this layout that doesn't jive with how she organizes things. She would like to set the most popular items up on a single page but maintain the default otherwise. So she adds the tab, moves it to the first position and saves her own customization.

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