Logo Looks Awful

I've uploaded my logo and it gets cut off in height/width.


I contacted support and they said max 400px wide and 200px tall for digital. Min. 2000px wide for print. So I uploaded a version that is 400x144 for digital and it was still cut off. I can't understand how that's possible. The print one is the same.


Support got back to me and had me refresh. Now the whole logo fits in digital but they've scaled it to a square and it looks horrible. I don't know why the system would scale a 400px wide logo.


Support says they are working on the case but I don't think they understand the problem. They showed me a horribly scaled logo and asked "Good?"   No!


Why the 400px limitation? Which device is this accommodating? And why does the logo have to be square? My five year old phone has a 750px wide screen. 1350px in landscape. This browser window on my desktop is 1920 wide.


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