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Need greater control over Discount settings

We would like to have, say, a 20% off paper coupon that a guest has received that when they present it. For example, it can be applied to only Coffee items (that's one of our categories) and not applied to any Ice Cream items (another of our categories). We can see that there are Discount Rules for categories, but then it applies the discount to all those items ALL THE TIME. We want it to be applicable to a certain item/s or category/ies only when the person standing in front of the cashier at that exact moment gives them a piece of paper coupon. And we need to make sure that the cashier isn't discounting an ice cream item when it's only supposed to be applicable to a coffee item and they just aren't paying attention. Yes, it's a training issue, but quite frankly we need to stupid proof all our systems....I fear for our future....


It's almost like there needs to be a way to indicate under Discounts any SALE items, where the items is a lower price all the time or a certain time period (that's where the Discount Rules for marking certain categories of individual items works great), *AND* a way to indicate a COUPON for a one-time thing for only that one customer that can't be applied to our entire inventory of items (no way to have this limited to specific categories or items).

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