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We own three cafes and are looking for an inventory management system to be able to track items across all our locations. We are hoping to get a system that is able to track exactly what goes into a product on the square dashboard as ours have multiple ingredients that go into our items on the POS. Any suggestions would be great 🙂 Thanks Andrew

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Hey @Moyesye87,


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At the moment ingredient level tracking is unfortunately not available, however we do plan on building this into Square for Restaurants in the future. I don't currently have an ETA, though hopefully at some point later this year. I'd recommend a 3rd party app if I knew of any - the only one I've ever heard of was called Intrakr. They were previously available in the US up until around 2016 - it doesn't look like their product is available any more.


Sorry I can't be of more help for now. I've moved this thread to our Feature Requests board to better track it and also inform interested sellers once it launches.


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I am also interested to know what anyone else is using?


We use a simple spreadsheet that has all ingredients itemized. Each location has it's own tab, then each ingredient is listed by where it is stored (reach in cooler, prep cooler, dry storage, etc). Our team members then go through each item every day and update the inventory amount, check the items box if it is below the threshold that I have identified to indicate I need to order it, and also includes a field to enter the received date.


It would be nice to have an app that allows for QR code generating so my team can simply scan the code to either add or update inventory for the item along with provide me with smart notifications so I don't overlook items to order. I would also like some sort of a log of who and when items have been updated. 

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