Add Delivery Address Onto Receipts For Restaurants..


Can someone tell why Sqaure has not made it easier for restuarants who do delivery. Don't get me wrong, I love the system but somethings are just silly. Please Square add onto the receipts the delivery address if the order is delivery. I average about 20 to 40 deliveries per day, and  having to input information more than once is just silly!!!. I do not want move my business overto another service but, a common sense option should be a mandotory for the delivery. Many businesss fall over silly little things, don't be one of them.

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Re: Add Delivery Address Onto Receipts For Restaurants..

I agree!!!  The shipping address and the bill to address are not always the same.  Every other online store has a box to check if billing address is the same as the shipping address.  Come on Square, please help us out.

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