Bar Menu Setup Tips Request- Best practice

I have been working on getting a restaurant/bar set up using square and I am just about ready to go but am not sure of the best way to set up the bar menu. I have the restaurant menu handled ok but the bar menu is a struggle for me. I'm sure if I had ever worked in a bar it would be a bit easier but I have not done so which I guess is why I'm struggling with it. The bottled, canned, draw and pitchers of beer and similar items are easy enough since those are just items that do not vary or need modifiers. At least none that I can think of.  


The main question I have right now: Do I enter all the various spirits (Bacardi, Jack Daniels, Makers Mark etc.) as items and add variations and or modifiers for the most common drinks (Bloody Mary, Manhatten etc.) ordered using that spirit or is it best to add the most common mixed drinks and use variations and or modifiers to signify which spirit to use? 

Maybe a bit of both? I just don't know for sure and have played around with both but would rather hear from someone with experience.   

Any tips to share?



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Re: Bar Menu Setup Tips Request- Best practice

Hey @Elks409!


Sorry you haven't gotten a response here! My personal opinion would be that it would be easiest to put the items as the most common mixed drinks as it's own Item Category and then having spirits as another category. This way you don't have to pick every spirit in each mixed drink order and you still can choose spirits as standalones (i.e. in cases where a round of shots are bought). 


However, not being a bar owner myself, maybe other Sellers can chime in here with better suggestions.


Good luck!

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Re: Bar Menu Setup Tips Request- Best practice

Anyone else have input on this?  I am new to the bar business and setting up my Square POS. Would be helpful to see how otherse are doing it so I don't make it too complex but also make it able to track well

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