Food Order Quantities for Customers at Restaurant

We run a somewhat fast food taco house and we just opened up and have realized we are spending way too much time with each customer, and we're hoping we are just doing something wrong, but we're not sure.  Here's the issue



Orders 3 Bean & Cheese Tacos, one taco has cheese, one taco has salsa, one taco come with rice and beans.


Register Person Puts in order:

Chooses > Tacos > Bean & Cheese > Adjusts quantities to 3 > then realizes she can't customize each from this menu and has to enter all 3 in individually.


in a perfect world, we would like to do the following or something similar: 

Choose Tacos > Bean and Cheese > Choose the Quantity 3 > then you would pick a topping > system would ask for 1 Taco, 2 Taco or 3 Tacos > you would select your choice(s) and move on.    


Does anyone have a faster solution for when a customer orders multiple quantities of items, but all items need different modifiers?  


Thanks so much!

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Re: Food Order Quantities for Customers at Restaurant

Hello @redtaco have you considered creating Modifier set? This would allow you to create an item and then if I wanted to add cheese to my taco it can be selected through the modifier set.


Lot's of fast service restaurants use this feature. If you have any questions please let me know!  

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