Online Store Order Tickets can’t be printed

 Part of the reason we went with square was because of the integration of the online store with the POS.  I recently found in the resource library simple instructions for allowing our kitchen printer to print incoming online orders automatically. After trying to enable the function, I ultimately called support and was told that this printing to the kitchen printer functionality for online orders had been removed. This essentially makes online ordering ( One of the major reasons we went with square) obsolete. In the restaurant business we don’t sit in front of a computer all day waiting for orders to pop up on the dashboard,  then printing them on an 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper and running them out into the kitchen for preparation, we deal with customers in real time who are hungry right now.

 Since being duped by square into purchasing their system  based on this incorrect information on their website, we are now going to have to change to another POS system that supports the needs of food service in the year 2017.   Is anyone aware of a POS solution that combines integrated online ordering for food service?

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Re: Online Store Order Tickets can’t be printed

I was under the same understanding.  You obviously have your online items set for pickup, and your printer set to print order tickets, correct?  I don't do store pick up, but I have someone who is thinking about doing it.


@Kpay, can we get some help on this.


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Re: Online Store Order Tickets can’t be printed

I really hope this isn't the case. I found other threads from earlier in the year where people seemed to be successfully doing it.  I'm using an Android device and I thought maybe it was only available on ipads because the set up tutorials very specifically only show it in ios.  We run a food truck and this functionality could be huge for us during the cold months.  Hope they get it going..  I'll let you guys know if I get anywhere.  The tech I spoke to today was under the impression it should still be an option.  She opened a case to look into it further

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Re: Online Store Order Tickets can’t be printed

Thanks!  there is a great article in the help library about exactly how to do it.




 The problem is that when I went to set it up, the sub menus it was asking me to tap no longer existed. When I called Support to find out where they went I was told by the agent that they no longer support this functionality. I hope something changes fast because I’m currently shopping for another solution. Just can’t be a fast casual restaurant in this day and age without online ordering 

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Re: Online Store Order Tickets can’t be printed

Thanks for circling back here, @Winginit! I'm so sorry for the confusion — printing remote order tickets is still available. I can see that @Phoenixpizza has an open case, and a team member is actively look into this. Thanks for your patience while we get this sorted out.

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Re: Online Store Order Tickets can’t be printed

Hi Tim, is there any way I can get a phone conversation with the product manager for online orders or someone on the team? I piloted it recently with some customers and the customers gave some insightful feedback. Also, I'm hoping they didn't close my case. Got an email back on the topic and they just attached the instructions on how to set up online ordering. In my initial email to the support team I actually included a copy of those same instructions as well as a screenshot showing that the needed menus were not available when I login to the app

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Re: Online Store Order Tickets can’t be printed

Hi @Phoenixpizza


While there's no direct line we can provide to you, send over a Private Message with some details and I can pass it along from there to our product team directly. 


I know they'd be interested in hearing feedback from your customers 👍🏼

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Re: Online Store Order Tickets can’t be printed

Those are the same instructions I was following and same issue  (don't see those menus when I open the app). I thought maybe only available on iOS.  Was gonna grab an ipad and try again. 

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Re: Online Store Order Tickets can’t be printed

Having the same issue....

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Re: Online Store Order Tickets can’t be printed

Check out my earlier comment how I was able to solve it for me. Long story short, has to be an ipad (no android) and you have to update to the latest ios.

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