Why is tax not being included in Total of what customers pay

This is my first time doing this in general (selling) and using Squareup. The customers that have paid so far are not being taxed though I have added to "Include tax". It does show before the total the "tax included" and the amount but when the customers are charged, they are not being charged with the tax included. Just the regular price I have set up. I understand that Squareup will take some fees but now I am being left with less than the actual price which cuts into my products and producing it. I sent squareup a message but haven't received anything yet from them and I need to know this as soon as possible since I have already sent an invoice to many of my customers and they are all paying the regular price without being taxed. Can someone help please? Thanks.

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mtnwswbob Developer

Re: Why is tax not being included in Total of what customers pay

Each item you have in your store can have multiple tax rules. When you define a tax, there is an option to include tax in the price of the item or to add tax to the price of the item. Make sure the tax for the items in question have a tax that is defined as the 'Add Tax to Item Price' type. Some people use the 'Include' option to maintain whole dollar amounts for their prices.



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