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Electronic Cash Sheets?


How is everyone handling cash balancing and knowing what cash is on hand for opening and closing with no Electronic Balancing cash sheets? We have multiple locations and we have been forced to us “Paper cash sheets”! This has been one major challenges that we have faced with Square. As we all know have instant access to information and especially cash on hand helps prevent theft and allows for efficient and effective cash top ups across the board. This has been an ongoing request to Square that seems to continue to fall on deaf ears even though it’s a “Retail 101” need. I also understand that Square is continually pushing for credit card and electronic payments and migrating away from cash. But as many of us know “cash is king” and it’s not going away anytime soon. We also need to make sure that we are not alienating those that can only use cash or choose to still use cash.

Looking for your input on this subject!


thank you!


Paper in a paperless world? 

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Hey @RedWhale 


Square does have a Cash Drawer Management feature that you can enable in the settings of your POS device. 

Have you tried that out yet? 
If so, what features is it missing that your paper method has?

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I use bookkeep.com it maps from Square to QuickBooks online flawlessly and automatically. Their customer service is quick and helpful. The best $17 I spend each month.

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