I'm starting a soup buisness. Always looking for advise! I have a great product .

Any help or ideas are very welcomed. I'm also in search of a kitchen to rent.

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Hey @Hippiessoup 

Congrats on your decision to start a business.  


I don't have any direct advice on your specific company, but a local company started a soup business as well about 7 years ago or so.  I used to work with the owners son in the restaurant industry for some time.  


They offer (or have offered) around 60 different kinds of soups, maybe more now.  They purchased an old local Amvets building and currently open 3-4 days a week for a few hours serving soups and sandwiches.  They went around to local restaurants and convenience stores, to pitch their sales to offer (fresh/frozen) homemade soups ranging from a "grab n' go" style to larger quantity for restaurants.  


It did take them a few years to get established with a consistent customer base for their soups, but they have successfully achieved this, being recognized locally by the SBA as well as offering their soups in the freezer section at our local Price Chopper. 


Not much of advice here, but hopefully it gives you a small bit of inspiration to continue forward. 

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