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Are you new to or interested in Square for Restaurants ?


The Square for Restaurants POS (Point Of Sale) system lets you keep cash flowing, reach more customers, and operate smarter.



🗣 Features worth shouting about:


▪️ Table-side payments

▪️ Direct from website online ordering

▪️ Marketing and loyalty programs

▪️ Menu creation

▪️ Payroll and more employee management tools



Let us know and ask any questions you may have by replying to this thread! The Square team and fellow restaurant owners in the Community will answer your questions and help you get the most out of Square for Restaurants. 

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Love: Menus, table management, course management, seat management, KDS.

Heads up: You can’t manage your item library from Restaurants, you will need the Point of Sale or Inventory app, or to use Dashboard for that.


Wish: Advanced reporting wasn’t forced on for everyone. There is no variability with what reports are available to what team member type.


Niggle: Table timers initially led me to think they would reset with each sale applied to the table as part of the same open tab. This is not how they operate (instead it’s far more restrictive with only two timers, based on first sale tied to that table, and can’t be manually fired/reset) and given table timers are pitched as letting you see when tables have been sitting for too long, you would think subsequent sales would reset timers. They don’t.


Side note: Restaurants unfortunately seems to be Point of Sale’s poor cousin who gets the hand-me-downs after Point of Sale got a feature first. Understandably I imagine this is because Point of Sale has the scale to validate new features before widespread deployment, however be mindful when seeing new feature announcements that they might not apply to Restaurants straight away!

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Square for restaurants is a system for any new or existing restaurant to effectively manage counter service or table service at a much more affordable price.  While there may be somethings you don't see, the square ecosystem has a few ways that the seller community can help you work around those things.  


I know personally, I don't want counter staff managing the item library or doing invoices.  I can use square for restaurants and still do this with my online dashboard or using the POS app and it will work together.


I have looked at what companies like Toast tout on their website about square for restaurants and they are way behind on what the Restaurant app can do.


Once you have it set up, you can deploy and scale your business in a multitude of ways....and maximize your staffing by minimizing the time and number of people you need to get food orders.


Analytics, square for restaurants has the numbers you really need to figure out your numbers.  


The important thing, just ask questions and people like me who have figured it out and run a restaurant every day will help you.  Not an account rep trying to sell you an addon you don't need (no offense!!)....


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Please Please make the "Plus" Version avalible on Square Register!! We NEED IT!! 

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I use Square for Restaurants at my Bar & Grill. It gives operational advantages over the regular POS. I use end of shift reports to manage tipouts and I update the menu regularly from the square dashboard which is nice since I don't have to be at the location in order to update the POS button layouts.


Online ordering is great and I'm going to really push self-serve ordering this year. I also utilize the Kitchen Display System (Square KDS) in my Kitchen to track orders and ticket times. 


I try and use as much of Square as possible. I use all their hardware as well. I have the Square Register, Square Stand as well as 2 Square Terminals. 


If you have any specific questions I will do my best to answer them.



If anyone has any 

Luke Nieuwland
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Hi LukeNieuw,


    I saw you use the KDS, by chance have you tried using the Sticky Label Printer?    I'm just wondering if you have and your thoughts about using it for Square Restaurants as compared to just Square POS?    I am about to purchase a coffee shop that runs on Square POS and was wondering if it was worth switching to restaurants????

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@mdf92380 I don't use a sticky label printer so I can't speak to that sorry. 

Luke Nieuwland
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I would like to ask regarding Inventory system, does it accurately track each ingredients of a product like tomato, lettuce, onion inside a burger? 

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