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Square for Restaurants Online Delivery/KDS Snafu and frustration

In short: I use ChowNow for deliveries/pickups from our website (Square integrates with them, which is why I chose ChowNow!). So for first few mos, an order would come thru the site, pop up under "New Orders", and once marked as In Progress (or set to auto accept), the Kitchen Display KDS would auto get the ticket on the iPad to start making it.  Fast forward to 2 months later, I think after an update, it just...stopped sending it to the KDS. So now we need to receive it, accept it, print it, send ticket to kitchen prep station, then relay this paper to 2-3 areas hoping nothing gets lost in translation/dirty/lost. Obviously this defeats the whole purpose of paying for the KDS...I can print out tix with any app and hand it to the kitchen ppl.  Been like 3 months+ and nobody can fix it or address it.  You can tell the phone help is another country - which is fine, if they can actually get it done - but they haven't.  It's very, very frustrating...and for the 200+/mo we pay it's getting to the point where I am thinking about moving to another system.  Help!

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