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Welcome to the Food and Beverage Group! Use this space to ask questions and get advice from other business owners in the restaurants, bars, food trucks, breweries, wineries, farmer's market stands, and anyone else in the food and beverage industry. Our Community Guidelines apply.

Hi Community, I’m Ramsey A., an Integration Product Manager on the Square for Restaurants team. I’m responsible for better connecting the tools you use to run y...

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What promotion has been most successful for you?I'm always looking for ways to appreciate our customers, have some fun with them, or simply send them a little s...

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Posted a month ago in Food and Beverage
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Hey community, I'm Jack W, a Product Manager on the Square for Restaurants team, and we're curious to know your preferences regarding customer engagement in t...

Posted 04-28-2022 in Food and Beverage
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Every business has them from time to time - frustrated customers. While some businesses adhere to the old saying that the customer is always right, that isn't a...

Posted 03-21-2022 in Food and Beverage
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Hi Guys,How is everyone handling Tip Distribution at their Restaurant? By that I mean servers tipping out Bartenders, Kitchen, Dishwashers, Managers etc.. I've ...

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Posted 03-21-2022 in Food and Beverage
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Are you new to or interested in Square for Restaurants ? The Square for Restaurants POS (Point Of Sale) system lets you keep cash flowing, reach more customer...

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Hey Food & Beverage Friends!Welcome to the group, and a huge thank you to@AdamBfor setting it up and inviting you all!I'm a Super Seller here in the Square Sell...

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Welcome to the group and hello! 👋 This group exists for those in the food and beverage industry to connect, share ideas, and help support each other with u...

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