All items in online store show up as 'Sold Out'

I now run my business out of a window and rely on online ordering for pickup and as of yesterday, some kind of bug has made it so all items on the website show up as 'Sold Out' and the preparation time has been changed to 1 hour.  these issues are not reflected on the backend so I cannot change them and even if I had time to do all of that, we didn't have stock of our items as we are a coffee shop and don't have a set amount of anything aside from the pastries.  I don't know why I can't just bring this to the attention of square tech support and why they've outsourced it to their own customers but here we are.  any help would be much appreciated.

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cool, i guess someone somewhere fixed it.  only lost an entire day of online sales during a pandemic, nbd 😑

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Did you ever figure out how this resolved itself? I am now experiencing this exact issue after adding another location.

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