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Appointments for groups / organizations

I'm trying to figure out how I can book an appointment for a group/organization, still have a contact name, and have the appointment show under the group name. Under regular contacts, I can put a company name, but I don't see that option under appointments. The only work around I can see is putting the group name and the contact name all in the "customer" name field. Or perhaps create a customer and put the contact as the name and company as the group, but that's kinda backwards to what I need. I guess I could put the Name as the group and Company as the contact, but that's a little confusing.


Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


To give an example: We photograph ski club races. We want to put the ski club name on the appointment as well as the contact person. A person's name won't mean as much to us as the group name would when looking at our schedule. I know who The Blank Ski Club Association is, but not who John Doe is in relation to the appointment.

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Hey @crystalimages! Thanks for sharing what it is you're looking to do in such detail. It helps us understand and paint a picture!


So you're right on track here... unfortunately we don't have a way to enter two names for one contact. You could use the organization's name as the main contact name under their customer profile, and put the actual contact name of an individual (John Doe) as a note in the customer profile.


Having multiple names for one profile is currently a feature request that we're continuing to track. I'll make sure to pass this along to our Product team.


Thanks again for sharing!

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I started to use a custom field on the customer profile for Club Name, but realized I couldn't search by it. I then set up a group name for each club and it is very easy to attach the group to each person. Nothing indicates the lead contact, but we have few enough I can usually remember once I see the name. Just realized I never put this out there.... hopefully it will help someone else. 


I guess I could add a custom field for Team Lead as a toggle... or something to that effect... but that's more than I need at the moment.

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