Beware of split ticket transactions

I’m frustrated that SQUARE for retail has changed the software and not allowed a return to go on a gift card if the original transaction was a “split ticket”, or also known as a “split tender”. 
i.e. 2 different credit cards for one transaction.


I am a “ gift card as credit” ONLY store,  and this means I am “forced”’to give a full return to a customers credit card. 

I’m leaving square because of this. 
Just warning any SQUARE RETAIL clients…

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Square Community Moderator

Hey there @Edentine


I am sorry to hear you are leaving Square but would not want to let you go without making sure we exhausted all possibilities to help. Did you get this concern escalated with our support team? And if so did they confirm you can no longer refund split transactions to Gift Cards?


I would personally love to help figure this one out with you and for you. I will keep my eyes open for your response.

Community Moderator, Square
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