Black Friday & Small business Saturday

What are some of the promotions/ideas other sellers have for Black Friday & Small business Saturday?

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Re: Black Friday & Small business Saturday

Hi @Tritter82 - This is a great question! I've pinned it to our homepage so hopefully other sellers can share some of their thoughts :)

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Re: Black Friday & Small business Saturday

As a small business owner and active community member, here are three things I've done in the past that have proven to bring more people in my door as well as incentivize return customers.


1: Don't Do it Alone - Whether you join a local Chamber of Commerce or an independent business association, networking with other businesses to help cross promote helps everyone. The addage, "A rising tide lifts all boats", is appropriate here. Create short-term coupons or daily deals which can be handed out to other local shops and storefronts. Getting traffic to your door by promoting in other shops is a good way to not only build customers, but also get and provide support for other small businesses in your area.

2: Time is of the essence -
Creating a deal that has a clear expiration date will get those deal-seekers in the door. It's then up to you to keep them coming back. Selling your product and providing customer lifetime value programs like loyalty cards or frequent buyer deals, will have them coming back time and time again.

3: Free is free -
There are A LOT of free marketing resources available. Make sure you know how to use them and use them often! Email marketing, social media channels, video and other interesting content, are all ways for you to engage and remain connected to your current and potential customers. Your customers and community WANT to hear from you - make sure you reach out to them.

Good luck this holiday season and don't forget to try something new, different, silly, fun, and engaging. Customers want to see this!

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Re: Black Friday & Small business Saturday

I love this advice @chrisrosenquest!


Partnering with your chamber of commerce is a great idea. I'll have to remember that local level of involvement! 🙂

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