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Disclaimer, I utilized search on this question and could not find it.  


Why can't we itemize commissions?  For example, A car salesman works hourly, but he earns commission on a sale.  In Square he earns commission on every sale, which isn't a true statement.  We have to take the time to download the days transactions and link the items that are commissionable to that employee.


Should not be hard to code.  If commissions are on for an employee, then we should have the option of what items can they earn a commission on and what percentage. 


Blanket commissions on all of their sales when they are hourly as well, is frustrating when we have hours of other book keeping to do.


just allow us to designate which items can employees earn commission on top of an hourly wage and the percentage of those items.  Some items employees earn more than others.  We have  10k items, only 1200 of them are commissionable.

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