πŸ“£ Calling all sellersβ€”submit suggestions for the POS-sible Hackathon!



Hey there, Seller Community!

We’re pleased to announce that the Square: Build What’s POS-sible Hackathon is now live. Developers will be able to utilize one or more of our customer point-of-sale APIs to build useful tools that help sellers scale and grow their businesses. Customer point-of-sale APIs include: Customers API, Gift Cards API, Invoices API, Loyalty API, Team API, and Labor API.


Plus, participants are also free to use a wide array of the APIs available within the Square developer platform to build more robust apps and integrations–as long they’re building with at least one of our customer point-of-sale APIs to be eligible for the hackathon. Build what’s possible for a chance to claim your part of $100k in prizes–including a $20k grand prize.

We would love your help to get started. There are two ways to participate:

Option One: Share a challenge prompt for participants to solve

If you're a Square Seller, please tell us about the types of use cases you’d like to see solved to improve your day-to-day workflows. Reply to this post below with your suggestions through November 10 and we'll make sure they're represented in this event.


Option Two: Participate in the Hackathon

If you're a developer and interested in participating, submit your entry by 4:59pm EDT November 22, 2021: Square: Build What’s POS-sible.


Excited to hear from you!

Tom [he/him]
Seller Community Manager | Square, Inc.
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TEAM: we would love to be able to request time off by the hour, not a whole day. If workers could request time off by the hour we would use the scheduling functionality of team/timecards.

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EDITING THE MENU GRID / ADDING ITEMS on RESTAURANTS POS (with admin or managerial rights)

Not sure why this can't be done as it seems like a very necessary option for people on the fly.


GIFT CARD ISSUE when comping a gift card using the Actions Tab -> Comp Check

The gift card retains no value when doing this.  The only way you can comp a gift card and still have it retain value is by clicking on the item and then selecting "comp" in the drop down.


RESTAURANTS KDS to be more consistent - too many refires/repeat tickets or missing tickets vs other KDS platforms.



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The ability to do an exchange (1 transaction) instead of having to refund an item, then reselling another (2 separate transactions).

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Removing delivery tips from total tips for each employee. 

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1) I would like the clients to give a deposit/non-refundable booking fee when they schedule an appointment. I am aware that we can now collect this via Messages but I would like this to be standard for all bookings. We give them up to 48 hrs to cancel/modify their booking, otherwise they forfeit their deposit.


2) When we get "multiple staff bookings", the block time only goes to the last staff working on the client. This causes problems for the staff who provided services earlier as they are not given enough time to prep before the next client.


Thank you!

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When You Opt to take their phone number at the beginning of the transaction it would be nice if the last order they placed auto-populated on the screen.  most regulars order the same thing every time.

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Currently, all the phone numbers I have collected in my system have different formats IE xxx xxx-xxxx, (xxx) xxx-xxxx, and xxxxxxxxxx There may be other formats.  When searching I have to try all 3 ways to know for sure I do or don't have their number.  I would like one format in the system or have all Formats show up in the search no matter what format I use to search.  I Really do not want to export | Change formats myself | Either Deleting all Current Customers or import and Combining duplicates

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I would like the ability to move items on the screen before completing the transaction.  So I can take orders as they are given to me but then rearrange them to my liking If I am a server I can group by a person or by the placement they are sitting, or all beverages together all entrees together and all desserts together etc.....

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I would like to see start and end dates for items.  We are a donut shop and we have featured donuts for each month.  It would be handy to be able to pre-load these before the start of the next month and then they just go live on the specified date and back offline at the end of the month.  The current way creates problems for us because customers will order online donuts for say October 1st on September 30 and they are able to order items that won't be available on that day.


Hope that makes sense!

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You are really asking for 2 features that would be awesome. 1)Scheduling items to turn on and off automatically and 2)Limiting when an item can be ordered by date, day or time. For now, I would just put in the description "This item is only available for September. If you place an order for October, you will receive that months flavor."  You could pre-load your items and just leave them unavailable in the system and manually change them over at months end, but it won't prevent the ordering problem.

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I need to be able to print packing lists for my orders with my company logo and information quickly and easily.  My current workaround takes me almost an hour a day of wasted time.

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We launched this last week on iOS - go to order details -> scroll down -> More actions.  Let me know what you think of it! - and thank you!

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BUNDLES!!! Taking individual inventory items and applying them to a bundle, which then reduces the inventory on the individual items while being able to sell it at a fixed priced. For example:


Individual Items 

Cheese $5

Salami $5

Wine $40

Chocolate $5

Gift Card $5

Basket/Wrapping $10

Sell as $70 bundle and reduces inventory of each item after selling bundle. 


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This would be amazing- I will add the we also need the option for syncing of inventory between locations

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Nice idea, a good option to have when building seasonal packages and baskets that include a mix of items. 

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When customer wants to use card on file we are unable to then send to terminal for customer to add a tip. We are missing out on tips. It doesnt seem "'okay" to ask at this point how much tip they want to apply. I feel this is something they are more comfortable adding at the terminal. 

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Just to clarify do you mean when a guest tell you they want to use their card on file and they are there in your shop?


We go to charge and hit the Card on File Option select our guests name and then the next screen pops up the tip option and signature page. They can tip right there. Are you not getting this screen next? 


πŸ˜ƒ Hoping I can help. 

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Merging Items 


If you change the name of an item you should be able to merge the items together so all reports are combined. Currently if you misspell something and then make a sale on it. Notice it and change it, the reports will come up with 2 different items. 


For Example:

Create Avocado Toas

Make a Sale

Realize Mistake & Change to Avocado Toast

Run Report For Avocado Toast & it will not count Avocado Toas sales (Prior to labeling correction) you have to check that box too. 

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INVOICES: ability to add notes after the invoice is created

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Photos on Category Buttons

If we want a button called "Cold Brew" we'd like to create an icon that we could load as an image.

Current version means we abbreviate CB and then have to teach every single person we hire what CB stands for.

If you can't do that, wrapping on shrinking text under category so it does not cut off would be helpful.

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Here's some options I would die for, 

1. Invoicing between locations, OR, just append dollar amounts to transfers and keep a page on the desktop where you can sort thru them just like with purchase orders. 

2. Age verification at POS. Right now we use separate ID scanners to pull this off, but this is an option I would pay for to be integrated into Square Register. 

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I run square stand in my liquor store. I would love to be able to receive inventory by the case. Must be able to set different case sizes also. This also affects my cost of goods since many bottles are purchased cost fractions of a cent. IE .715 cents for a mini bottle. Current system will not take fraction of cents.

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Square Team

i would love to be able to move my employee list around in the scheduling to my liking, for example, I would love to be able to sort it so the people who are normally scheduled more are atowards the top versus my part time student employees who are only able to work weekends.


i would also love to be able to print a weekly schedule.


and most importantly, this more than anything, create a schedule in the team app! 

thank you so much! 

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