Can I sell items from several locations in one transaction?

I have several locations (2 etsy shops) and will be setting up an in-person/not linked to etsy location. Is it possible to sell items out of each location in one single transaction? I have not been able to assign several locations to my phone (device) but am considering purchasing Square Register. Does anyone have experience in this?

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ryanwanner Super Seller

Re: Can I sell items from several locations in one transaction?

Simple answer, no and yes. 🙂


Square won't allow you to have multiple locations open at one time on any of their apps or hardware platforms, so there isn't an easy way up front to make this work.


However, there is a way, it'll just take some time from you to set it up:


You can make another location specific to the in-person store. To get the items you need to show in that location, export your item library (after you have created the new location!). Open it in excel, and look for the Enabled[new location] column. Change the N to a Y wherever you need.


If you're using inventory control, it is run on an account level, so your inventory will go down per location as it does now.

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