Cash refunds not properly posting

For the third time, a cash refund has not been properly reflected in our drawer at the end of the day. The cash isn't being "taken back out" in the back office and the drawer appears to be over. How do we resolve this?
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GlassDale Super Seller

Re: Cash refunds not properly posting

I had the same issue recently, where a cash refund (which our business almost never does) didn't show the money coming out of the register.  I thought it was probably just a glitch, but now it seems like it's a problem all over.

We're using the Square Register - which system are you using?  If it's also the Register, the problem may be limited to that system.

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Re: Cash refunds not properly posting

We are also using Square Register. I haven't reached out to them directly yet. Did you do that and did you have any luck?



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Re: Cash refunds not properly posting

No, I haven't because I wasn't sure if it was just a one-time thing since we don't do many cash transactions or refunds.  But Square's support team monitors these boards and will see the issue.

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Re: Cash refunds not properly posting

@MakSalonSpa and @GlassDale


Thanks for surfacing this issue. I'd love to learn a little bit more about what you are experiencing.


I want to clarify that you are both only using one Square Register, and the cash refunds are being refunded from that specific Register (where the drawer is not showing the refund deducted), not from the Dashboard or other device.


If you are only using one Register and are issuing the cash refund specifically from this device, we'd love to get more details and let our team troubleshoot this a bit more.  If you'd be willing to do a test refund transaction and video the problem, that is incredibly helpful to our team when diagnosing these issues.


Let me know, and we can start open a ticket with our Hardware team.



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Re: Cash refunds not properly posting

Thanks Kelly.


Yes, we are using Square register at our two locations. I have run into this issue at least one time at each place. Both times I had to do a cash refund for an error payment type. In both cases no actual cash was put in the drawer and none was taken out, but when I closed the drawer at the end of the shift the drawer was over by the exact amount of the refund, as though it were never deducted from what “should” be the day’s ending cash.

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Re: Cash refunds not properly posting



Glad to hear it's not an actual bug! But if you have issues going forward, please let us know so we can look into it for you.


I'm going to start a support ticket for you with our Customer Success team so they can reach out for a video and get some more information.

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GlassDale Super Seller

Re: Cash refunds not properly posting

This is embarrassing, but it turns out that I was mistaken.  While going back through the reports for the day that sale was refunded, I found out that the employee entered the refund as a check rather than cash, so our discrepancy is explained.  She told me that she refunded cash, so I just assumed that that was the way she entered the refund on the register.

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Re: Cash refunds not properly posting

@kellyj I ran into the same issue this week.  We had a customer pay $250 cash, we ran the sale.  They changed their mind and wanted to pay by card instead.  We issued a refund for the cash and ran the card.  At the end of the day, the drawer report showed that we were short by $250 cash.


In my transaction list, it looks like the $250 refund is done twice BUT the final sales report only shows one refund for $250.  The transaction list is not matching the sales report or drawer report when it comes to refunds.  How can we resolve this?

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Re: Cash refunds not properly posting



Sounds like we really need to dive deeper into this. If the Sale is done from the Same device as the refund is issued with the drawer attached, the reporting should reflect it. It will not reflect it if is on different accounts, but in this case, it seems that that our support team should look further into it.

I've requested Support to reach out to you for more information.

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