Client’s redeeming promo/ coupon codes on Square Appointments/ Booking site?

I own a sports massage business and use Square for just about everything I need at this moment. I was SO happy when they started unmaking their own Gift Cards! What about promo/ coupons codes though? I’ve seen in several feeds this isn’t an option and I’m unsure as to why? Seems like something highly requested by many professionals. I would personally LOVE this feature and have searched Square high and low to see if it can be done. 

for example… I want to celebrate Back to School for teachers, admins, bus drivers, students, etc…. When they book online they can enter a promo code let’s say “Back2School” and get 20% OFF their massage session. As of right now I would have to apply that discount at check out.. easy to do and okay… but not as cool or professional looking in my opinion and doesn’t “catch the eye” of customers when they go online and there’s nothing there for them to input that discount. In my experience they need that code to actually book otherwise they second guess and question the discount before booking. 

please fix this Square… so many people have asked for it. It’s really frustrating. @@Square 

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