Currently Seeking Sellers

Do you love trying new things? Are you interested in helping pilot the newest version of the Square App? Do you like to be the first to try something and then spread the word to your friends? Do you like sharing feedback and

 finding glitches? Do you like Pina Coladas and getting stuck in the rain (can’t help you there, but keep reading….)


Square’s Beta Team needs you! 


We’re looking for Seller’s are are interested in the above to join our Special and ELITE Beta Community. You’ll be asked to download the Square Beta App, and run it on your device to accept payments.

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We’d love to have your feedback, feature requests, bugs you find, and 

your engagement! We’re looking to create and engaged Beta Community, and that’s where we need your help.


Come on over and join our Beta Community, and help shape the future of Square products.


Also, about those Pina’s Colada’s… maybe we’ll have an event based around those to come...hmmm.



Just click this link to get started

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Pesso Super Seller

Re: Currently Seeking Sellers

Yes! I can’t talk up & recommend being a part of the Beta program enough!


For one, purely for the early access to new features & things that we’ve all been requesting - we as Beta folks get to try them out first and take advantage of them. And even better, we get to give feedback about them to make sure they work how we want them - they will change them to suit our needs -  Square listens! It’s the best. 

I definitely recommend signing up immediately!

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GlassDale Super Seller

Re: Currently Seeking Sellers

I agree 100% with @Pesso - sign me up!

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Re: Currently Seeking Sellers



We'd love to have you in the Beta Community and using the App! 


If you haven't already, just request to join the Beta Community using this link, and we'll get you started.

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Re: Help us improve Support Center

I am trying to join the BETA but I downloaded the TestFLight app, but where is the square beta app? link?

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Re: Help us improve Support Center


Glad to hear you're going to jump into the Beta App. We'd love to have you join the Beta Community as well. If you have any questions - feel free to post them there. 


Install the Beta App (I bolded the directions to download the App for you):

  1. Select Install to download Testflight.
  2. Accept to finish installation.
  3. ***Return to the beta link and Follow Step Two, click Start Testing.**
  4. Select Install to download the Square POS Beta app.
  5. Open and Sign In.
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