Customer Sign-Up Screen Beta is Live

We are excited to announce that the Customer Sign-Up Beta for Square Point of Sale on iPad is now available! The Customer Sign-Up tool is an enhanced feature within the checkout flow that allows you to ask your customers for their information after the transaction - even customers who elect not to provide their contact information by signing up for a digital receipt. By previewing this feature on your Square Point of Sale,  you will be able to: 


  • Automatically collect any information you need from your customers at checkout and store it in your Directory to use for marketing campaigns, customer service, and more.
  • Fully customize the customer information that is requested (could include anything from contact information to customer preferences and more)
  • Send coupons to reward customers for submitting their information - and to incentivize return visits
  • Fully customize the coupon


Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 1.42.10 PM.png


By participating in this beta and providing us with feedback, you will directly influence and improve this feature. If interested, please comment to this post or reach out to betafeedback@squareup.com. From there, we'll reach out directly with the next steps!


Once you send your request to be part of this beta, be sure to head over to our Beta Community where you’ll be able to discuss this and other betas with fellow beta merchants!


Please note that this beta is currently only available for Square Point of Sale on iPad.




- The Square Beta Team

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Re: Customer Sign-Up Screen Beta is Live

I would be interested

Bill CCO
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Re: Customer Sign-Up Screen Beta is Live

Hi, @CRF , 


Thank you for your interest! I have enabled the feature on your account. 

Here are the steps to set up your Customer Data Collection program: 


  • From the Square Point of Sale application on your iPad, tap on the settings button. 
  • Scroll down until you see the “Customer Directory” section. 
  • Within this section, you will see the “Data Collection” tab. Tap on this. 
  • Toggle the button titled “Collect customer data after sale” to enable the feature. 

Please visit our Data Collection Tool support center article for detailed instructions on how to get started.




Square Beta Team

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Re: Customer Sign-Up Screen Beta is Live

We would like to be a part of this!

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Re: Customer Sign-Up Screen Beta is Live

we would like to join but why isn’t this being offered on the retail app pos? It seems like the free square app gets more attention then the retail app that we pay $60+ a month for and higher transaction fees so it just doesn’t make sense why it’s virtually ignored except for restaurants and invoicing which I have neither.

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Re: Customer Sign-Up Screen Beta is Live



The capability has to be built first in the Point of Sale app so that we're able to roll it out to more advanced products in the future. Although it may seem like Retail isn't being updated, that is far from the truth. Retail is a much more dynamic product - offering a different overall experience for a shop than the general Point of Sale App and rolling out this function when it hasn't been thoroughly tested to work on the most basic app, would likely be extremely bug laden. Once it is stably through beta in Point of Sale, we're able to make necessary updates and change to additional products.

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