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Can you customize the receipt number?



For our company's audit purposes, we would require the receipts generated by the Square System to run in order, i.e. 0001, 0002, 0003. Currently, they appear as randomized alphabets on the receipts. Is there a way to make it run as we desire?


Thank you.

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Re: Receipt Number

Receipts from Square POS do not run sequentially and there is no setting to make that.  The Square invoices do run sequentially though.

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Re: Receipt Number

We've been wanting this for years.  Our old cash register system did this.  It seems like a VERY basic feature but a VERY necessary one.  I use Square sparingly because of this.  I'm still looking for an answer.

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Re: Receipt Number


@gymratsinc I went ahead and moved your posts to this thread so we can track interest in customizing the receipt number. I definitely see how it would be useful! 


I read in your first post that you're looking for a way to speed up collecting items at your events. If you swipe your customers card through the reader (no sale needed) it will bring up their transaction in the app.


Also, if you have a laptop with you at these events when you add a note to a sale you can use the Dashboard to find it later on:

  1. Sign into your online Dashboard.
  2. Click Sales and then Transactions. Make sure the date selection is correct.
  3. Clicking on Card # to see other filter options and select Note. Enter the note you added during the transaction and hit enter to bring up the results.

I'm know these aren't perfect solutions but I hope it helps. If it's possible to edit the receipt number or search for a transaction by the note in the app I'll update this thread to let everyone know!


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Re: Receipt Number

No, that won't help at all.  If all I had was a couple customers coming back to pick up an order, it wouldn't be as big of a deal.  However, I have hundreds over 2 days. 


The crazy thing is that I am not asking for anything out of the ordinary or special.  This is database 101.  Every record (or receipt) has a unique indentifier.  It's a field that must exist in order for any database to function.  Obvisouly there is a field because the receipt prints a jumbled up sequence of letters/numbers as the receipt number. 


I get that we're getting away from paper receipts, but there still should be some sort of numeric sequential number assigned to each order.


Hopefully someday this will get changed.... it should take a total of 1 day to fix it.

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Re: Receipt Number

Hi indeed this should be a basic feature of the app, I´ve the happiest person on earth using square on my business for the past 3 years, but as pointed other users a solution must arrive REALLY fast for the consecutive number in the receipts. Auditors, regulators do not accept as vaild a receipt without numbers.


In Costa Rica now the regulator in implementing a compulsory digital invoicing rule, and one can save a lot of money should this simple feature be available in Square.

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Re: Receipt Number

Hi Zoku! I also live in CR, how is Square working for you? I'm interested in purchasing the stand but I'm hesitant given that it has many restrictions in terms of printer compatibility and the consecutive numbering on the receipts. Let me know, thanks!

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Re: Receipt Number

Hi Renhevil, 


Sorry for my late reply. Square has worked really good for me in the past 2,5 years that I have used it. I would recommend purchasing a stand, there are simpler and cheaper solutions. The receipt issue is a MAJOR drawdown, and I believe that is way to simple to solve since you hace to have an account in order to setup the whole system.



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Re: Can you customize the receipt number?

Same issue here in Spain, the law require to have numbered receipts by order 001,002,003 and so on... I have used Square since 3 years and I'm still waiting for this basic function and others.... Like breakdown Taxes in printed receipts... It's required by the law in Spain.


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