numbered receipt

Square looks awesome and I like to start using it in 6 shops but we are required by law to have the receipt numbered

(0001, 0002, 0003 and so on....)


Is there anyway to do that?   




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Re: numbered receipt

Hi @Sterling - I've moved your post over here where some other sellers are talking about numbering receipts. Hope this helps!

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Re: numbered receipt

I am sure that if you make ansurvey you'll be astonish by how many people needs this extremely simple feature

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Feature Request: Customize Receipts: automatically numbered

One year later and still not possible to edit numbering and do auto-sequence. Unbelievable. This is a must in several Latin American countries (tax authorities,...) I love Square, but our business needs the sequence of invoices (ABC-10001, ABC10002, ..)



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Re: Feature Request: Customize Receipts: automatically numbered

Hi, same Issue here. I want to switch to Square for 3 locations, but we are required to have sequential numbering, by law. The 1-99 solution is not enough, since one single day can easily require more than 100 tickets! Does anybody have any other ideas? Solutions? Thanks!!

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Re: Feature Request: Customize Receipts: automatically numbered

Does anyone know if anything has changed?  I am having the same challenges.

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Re: Feature Request: Customize Receipts: automatically numbered

I posted about this years ago.  I'm not sure why Square doesn't fix this, but there's a lot more competition out there that has this standard/simple feature.  Good luck!





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Re: Customize Receipts: automatically numbered

>Is there a way to have all receipts numbered in order of payment?


It's a simple question but unfortunately not a simple answer...


Which number should we start counting from?  Some Square customers have multiple systems and locations.  Should each register start from the same number?  Should we start over again from the same starting number if the register is rebooted? 


Also, how should the numbering be done when two or more payments are executed at the same time?  Because the registers cannot easily know when this "collision" scenario occurs, this number should be only generated by Square's server and not by the individual registers themselves.


Actually, this numbering system is already being done, it's just not shown on the receipts.  Square's servers generate a unique Transaction ID and Payment ID.  While these numbers are unique, they are not sequential.  However, Square also records Date and Time for each transaction, allowing a complete sequential timeline to be produced for the entire day across all systems and locations. 


This information is available by exporting transactions report to CSV from your Dashboard.  While I have not tried, it may be possible to add the ID numbers to a custom receipt.  Hopefully at least the reporting will allow you to satisfy compliance requirements.

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Re: Customize Receipts: automatically numbered

Unfortunately many states in the US require sequential receipt numbers too.


The number needs to continuously increment by 1 for each receipt generated. So, it would never start over and reuse numbers until the maximum value the field can hold has been reached (which would normally take a number of years to happen). In most cases, a user should able to set the starting number for receipts. There should also be an option for "System wide" or "This register only" if/when it's implemented.


Note that a "receipt" number has nothing to do with Square's internal transaction numbers. While the information below uses the term "transaction number", they are referring to a "receipt number". The receipt number is only incremented when a sale or payment is made.


This is from the NY sales tax guide...




If somebody else has more info, that would probably help get something like this implemented.

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Re: Customize Receipts: automatically numbered

I misspoke.


The receipt number is incremented each time a sale, payment, return or refund is issued because a "receipt" would be printed for any of those items.

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