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Is there anyway to add key words to the description box when adding and item so that it pulls the part up multiple ways?


We have over 5000 parts and some of the parts have many old part numbers. Some have 5-10 part numbers for one part. 

I would like to be able to put the other part numbers in the description box so that I can search old part numbers and new part numbers and the correct part will pull up. 

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Hi there, @CaneyValley - thanks for reaching out. I'm happy to help but will need some more detail in order to better understand your question.

Is this request for your Item Library or for items listed through the Square Online Store for your customers?


Whenever you have a moment, please reply with a little more information describing your question. I’ll be sure to follow up as soon as possible.

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@CaneyValley ;

I agree it would be nice to have like a cross reference thing in the descriptions that when you type in a Part # it lists the actual part and maybe others that would work.  Say like an air filter, if you buy K&N its part number 5678 but if you buy Fram its part number 9866.  I would also like to know if you are using this for Online or for in store purposes?


If In Store ONLY, you may be able to have the Part numbers in the Item Name field with Spaces.  I do this with some of my items, I will put the name followed by the items 5 digit code that is on a tag.  Then if the barcode does not read on the item I can just type in the 5 digit code.  This works for in person sales but not sure how it would work for online sales.  The other thing is you might be able to put 2 or 3 of these product type codes in the name field but not sure if you can get 10 or 20 of them there.


Just something you may want to try with an Item and a few codes to see if that may work for you. Just also check what the receipt may look like.  This may or may not be something you would want to try till Square could come up with a Key word(s) area where you could list items that cross reference one another.

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