Did the export items function disappear?

I used to be able to go in to items and export them to a csv file so I could identify any items that were uncategorized. But, today, when I tried to do that, it is gone! In Items, the only option is to create an item. Is anyone else having the same problem? Or do you know of another way besides scrolling through the entire list of items to see if there are any products that are "uncategorized"? 

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If you find it please let me know, I really need that tool.

If Square decided to remove that tool, I am done with them.

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Hi all, I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble finding the Import/Export button. Do you have multiple locations enabled? 


If so, to access this, you'll need to navigate to a location specific item library. To do so: 

1. Visit Items in your online Square Dashboard.
2. Select an item from the list (the item information will display on the right of your screen.)

3. Under Inventory, select your preferred location and click "Go."

Once you're in this items page, you'll see Import/Export appear in the top-right corner of the page. I know it's a little confusing but hopefully that helps!

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