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Donut selection as individual items for each flavor or as grouped items with flavors as modifiers?

Question for all of you about how we can best set up menu items on Square POS (in terms of grouped items with modifiers vs. individual items). We're helping the manager of a donut shop with their setup, and the challenge is that he sells boxes of donuts, and he's built the Square POS menu items as umbrella groups (ie. 1 single item with box sizes as options and the various donut flavor options as modifiers so that customers can select their assortment using the modifiers).


But from a website UX perspective (as it relates to the Square Online site we're building for him), it's not necessarily ideal like this and would possibly work better as all separate individual donut flavor menu items, grouped into a Donuts category (and each with their own associated photos). Only problem with that would be not having the ability to build an assortment selection for a prefab size box of donuts.


So I figured I'd post this question here to see what any of you might suggest.

Thanks in advance!!!

Josh & Dave @ RestoPronto
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Hey Josh & Dave! I'm sorry that no one has replied to this thread with solutions yet. I'm going to loop in a few Super Sellers to see if they can suggest an alternatives. (If you've discovered a set up that has worked in the meantime, please let us know!)


@bagelboss @Donnie-M @londontea @VanKalkerFarms @sugarlab @dasap1234 @MAXSDELI Any suggestions?


Seller Community Manager, Square

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I’ve got a bagel shop. Same plight. Can’t be done…easily. Except for having a list of modifiers:  DONUT 1 [every type]; DONUT 2 [every type]…and so forth…


box of 12 has donut 1-12 as modifiers. Tedious scrolling. Wouldn’t recommend.


we just type it in the notes. 

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@RestoPronto We have a similar item that we use for breakfast and the only way we could easily do it is the item is the count size.  So we have a pick 2, pick 3, pick 4.  Then I have a modifier set with the all of the choices and duplicates.  So there are 2 of everyone on a pick 2  and so forth.


There are currently feature requests in for a type of nested or conditional set of modifiers behavior to try to solve this kind of problem.

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