Edit your Booking.com account to allow for Security Code (CVV) collection

Square partners with Booking.com to allow sellers in the hotel & lodging industry to accept reservations and payment information from customers. Square Sellers who use this integration allow their customers to enter their card info via Booking.com, and then charge them manually via Square Point of Sale.


In order to manually charge your customer, you’ll need the following card information:

  • Complete card number
  • Expiration date
  • Billing ZIP code
  • Security code/CVV

One issue we’ve noticed sellers run into is that Booking.com does not automatically collect your customer’s security code. You can, however, contact Booking.com and ask that they set up your account to include a field for security code (CVV).


Check out the attached PDF for a step-by-step guide for for how to contact Booking.com and set up your account to collect all the info you need. You’ll have to send a message to Booking.com support, and edit your account to require an address for each reservation. Don’t worry - all the steps are in the attached PDF and make it easy to get this taken care of!


A couple notes on credit card safety:

  • After your customer pays via Booking.com, you can view their credit card info a maximum of 3 times, and it expires after 10 days, so make sure to charge your customers promptly!
  • In order to keep you and your customers safe, do not store credit card info outside of Square (in spreadsheets, stickie notes, your phone, etc.) Enter the card info directly into Square Point of Sale, and if you need to charge your customer a recurring payment, use Card on File to securely store card information.

I hope this guide is helpful in getting you up and running with Booking.com! Let me know if anything is confusing, or if you have any more questions.


P.S. Don’t forget to download this handy PDF for more details from Booking.com 👇

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I’m somewhat new to Square as I use it for only one of my booking sites-the others process the payments themselves. The site states there are settings that should be customized for vacation rentals that would reduce the number of declines. Where would I learn more about this? 

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Hey @AlicesBeach thanks for asking! While we can never promise that a card will run through, many sellers update their MCC to Lodging and Hotels, which you will need to contact our Customer Success team to do. 


Let me know if this helps at all, I have also merged your post with an existing thread with recommendations on taking payments with Booking.com. 🙂

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