Employees Can Log in and see everything?!

I have 5 retail stores and 5 square POS systems (one for each store). I set up employees to have their own PIN numbers, but each POS system uses the same user/passwd to log into square. One of my employees showed me on his smart phone that he can log in to my square account and has access to everything (reports, features, checking acct info, etc). This is nuts. How can I make it that employees cannot log in using my square login but use their own and not see all our financials, etc? Is there a way to get their own user/passwd combinations to log in and only be able to do transactions and not see all the reports?

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HI, you would need to create your Owner Passcode under Team Management.  Team members would need their own passcode.  Seems like Team Plus would be the best for your situation.


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Which Square POS are you using? A free version or a Paid Version?

If you are using Square for Retail the Free version, you can only have 2 passcodes... 1 for the owner which sees everything and then you can have one for sales associates that all use the same pin and COULD have limited access if you set it up correctly.  I did this and had some features still accessible when I thought they were blocked.   I kept doing testing having my own pin as the owner and my partner I would give a passcode to try.  She would get mad because she could not see how well / or bad we were doing since she could not see reports.  Or would get mad because she could not apply a discount etc.  Told her we need to figure these setting out for when we hire employees to run these registers.   We did get it to work and basically the owners passcode which the partner knows lets her access these reports but keeps staff out.  I told her it is like a managers key or password.  She likes it now as a security feature.  We use the Square for Retail Free version.    Basically you may need to play around with your Team settings and make sure all the sales people have things turned off in the settings.

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Here is what I figured and it seems to work... The first thing I did was change my master passwd. This had the effect of signing out all devices. Then I created device IDs for each of our POS terminals. The employees sign in with those device IDs not the email/passwd combo. I have the $35 paid Square so each employee got a PIN#. Those PIN#s have team permissions on what employees can see. Seems like this solved the problem.


I still cannot believe that my employees could sign in on their phones or home computers and see all my bank info, sales info, and financials. Absolutely insane Square needs to address this better.

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