Feature Request: Narrow down Purchase Order search to items associated with a specific vendor

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Hi there- this is my #1 thing I would love to see in Square fix/change:


If there is a way to do this I'm not aware of- please educate me.


I would like to create Purchase Orders directly from a particular Vendor's list of items.  Our company has 15 locations, 100's of Vendors, and 10's of thousands of items- many of which have similar names but come from different companies.


Hunting and pecking through the search bar to find the correct item to plug into a PO is astronomically time consuming (and annoying) when you are sifting through such a large data base.   The search often won't show you something if you don't type it in exactly the way it is listed. 


A PO is always for one specific company- why is it that we just we cant just create a PO from the page dedicated to that supplier?


Example for the fix:

*Click on the Vendor you want

*Click on their Item List

*A button is available for "Create Purchase Order for Vendor"

*Click that and a line of boxes appear next to each item so you can run down the line and check off what you need.

*Draft is created

*Edit the Draft to reflect the # of each Item you need.

*voila- your PO is completed in a tiny fraction of the time.






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Square Community Moderator

While we do not currently narrow down a Purchase Order search to only the items associated with that vendor, I've gone ahead and bubbled up your feature request directly to the Square for Retail team, and they've notated your interest in seeing this in the future!


We'll be back with an update when we have one to share with you here, @Mouchette!


P.S. Welcome to the Seller Community 

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