Feature Requests: Loyalty Program

I'm really struggling with paying for a service that is not as robust as it should be. I would really like to see the ability for us to:

1. Exclude certain categories & items from the program. My clearance bin (I have it in a category in Square) should not earn points nor should my customers be able to use an additional discount. I am not going to add every single category in the system BUT that one; there should just be a section for excluding.


2. There should be an option for customers to NOT earn points on the sale where they USE points. 

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Square Community Moderator

Hey @thefibreshop. I can understand the need for some more functionality. Really appreciate you taking the time to share the ways that we could better our Loyalty program. I can pass this feedback to our Product teams for future development. Thanks again!

Community Moderator, Square
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