Feedback on New Log-in Screen (Square for Restaurants)

The Newest update was very welcome wit hate addition of re-opening checks and keeping payment info. Very helpful!


However, the new "more secure" log-in screen, uhhh. Well it stinks. The buttons are WAY too small and is slowing down all of our servers in every transaction. PLEASE consider reverting back to the old log-in screen or simply making the key-pad like 25% bigger.


Seriously, every one of my employees hates it and while it is a small thing, it slows down service considerably when you can't take payments, put in orders, or just adjust checks speedily. 


Thank you. 

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Re: Feedback on New Log-in Screen (Square for Restaurants)

Welcome to the Seller Community @zwillekens and thank you for this feedback. I'm glad to hear that the re-open checks feature is helpful!


I'm sorry that the layout of the log-in screen was unexpected and is slowing down your service. The reason for the change was, as you mentioned, so that it's not as easy for someone to see an employee's passcode.


The good news is the Restaurants team has heard your feedback (and others!) and is going to continue to improve the log-in screen to address the issues you've called out. It will take a bit of time for this work to be completed so please keep an eye out for an update to the Square for Restaurants app. I really appreciate your patience in the meantime! 

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Re: Feedback on New Log-in Screen (Square for Restaurants)

Can't you let us choose what screen is best for our individual restaurant?  I agree the screen is ridiculously small, with so much space wasted for nothing more than a color block or picture?  Look at your iphone and compare the phone keypad to Square's Keypad.  Make it at least that size. It works.  You need to chisel your fingers down to points to be effective with Square's new login screen.


If you want ultimate security. make the access codes swipe compatible and let the employees use swipe cards.  A four digit passcode is not secure by any means.


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Re: Feedback on New Log-in Screen (Square for Restaurants)



Sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you at this time. Your Feedback has been passed to the product team and is definitely noted that it's not an update that suits your needs. 


We will also look into the Swipe Card option as a Feature Request and continue to track that request. 

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