Get ready for the Holidays! Seller Community Holiday Guide 2019 ✨🎄

Every business has a different approach to the holiday season. Some sellers are gearing up for their busiest time of the year but others are winding down after the summer or even closing shop for a while.


Here are some threads from the Seller Community to help you get a handle on the last few months of the year!  




🎉 Getting ready for the rush: staffing, promotions, gift cards and busy days


Boost sales with Square Gift Cards

Considering selling gift cards this year? It can take 1-2 weeks to order and receive plastic gift cards but you can configure and sell eGift Cards in seconds. It’s free to set up eGift Cards and with a free eGift Card website you can promote that you sell digital gift cards on social media too. Check out these threads to learn more! 



Finding and hiring staff to manage holiday crowds

Need to add to your team to cope with holiday crowds? These posts will help you to find the right people for your team and how to set them up so they can take payments for your business.



Keep calm and carry on!

Your customers are stressed about checking everything off their list, balancing work and family, travel and bad weather — and so are you! Read these posts for some tips on staying calm no matter what challenges you face. 



Use Square Marketing to be top of your customer’s holiday shopping list!

You’ve put a lot of effort into creating the perfect holiday offers and sales — now it’s time to tell your customers about it. We recently hosted a Live Q&A with the Square Marketing team who shared tips to grow your email list and boost holiday sales with email campaigns. Or try out Square’s Marketing Assistant to receive campaign reports on-the-go as well as pre-designed email campaigns!  


If you’re winding down: seasonal businesses, pausing subscriptions, and staying productive


Seasonal businesses

Shutting up shop for the winter? Take a look at these threads with practical tips for managing your Square account if you close your business temporarily this time of year.



Maybe you’re considering closing your business for a season for the first time, or you’re considering staying open for the winter. In these posts sellers share their experience running a seasonal business. 




Staying productive

If you have extra time during the holidays this guide will help you to keep busy with deep cleans, planning, and tax season prep! 




If you have any tips to share or would like any other information click Reply below. Wishing you a productive or peaceful holiday season!

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Re: Get ready for the Holidays! Seller Community Holiday Guide 2019 ✨🎄

Thanks so much for this awesome roundup! It was super helpful having this all in one place and made me super productive this holiday season! Thanks so much @Helen !!

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