How do I return Square Hardware in Canada?

I recently purchased the Square Terminal and Square Reader hardware directly from Square Canada.  After a few days, I've decided I do not actually need the units anymore and would like to return them back for a full refund.  I attempted to fill out the online form for hardware returns, but the form will not accept Canadian invoice numbers (starting with CA).  What are the steps I need to take in order to return my hardware for a full refund?  All items have not been used or opened.  Thanks!

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Re: How do I return Square Hardware in Canada?

That sounds strange @WFSSteve


It might be best if you give our CS team a call when you get a chance. They'll be able to look into the invoice number issue, and if need be walk you through the return process as well. 

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Re: How do I return Square Hardware in Canada?

Thanks for the response @EJ_ ,


It appears that the website only accepts invoices with "US" prefixes.  I looked through the whole website and there doesn't seem to be any Canadian return forms.  


I attempted to call CS, but appears that phone service is not available in my area (I'm from Toronto, Canada).  I followed the steps outlined here.  My only option is to send an email (which I have done) and STILL have not received a response back.


I have no problem with talking with CS on the phone, but I don't have the option to have the code in order to talk to them on the phone (the code won't populate).  It appears as though it's difficult just to get timely help.

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Re: How do I return Square Hardware in Canada?

Hey @WFSSteve!

Stepping in for EJ here.


Here's a link to the Returns/Warranties Page for Canada for you!

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