How do you support your employees? New Episode of the Talking Squarely podcast


2022 - New year, same employees to lead (we hope!), same global pandemic (* sigh *), different set of challenges.





We wanted to share with you a very special episode of the Talking Squarely podcast, focused on employee and owner mental health and wellbeing.


In this episode, Square Sellers share how they have been keeping their sanity through all of the above. Listen to how three US business owners have navigated the past two years when it comes to the mental health and wellbeing of their employees, their strategies for listening to employee needs, and how they balance supporting others with taking care of themselves.  You'll likely gain some inspiration in how you can better support your employees, and yourself.



After you listen to this episode, use the reply button below to let us know what you think.

  • What has the pandemic taught you about your employees?
  • Did you make changes to your employee management strategy since 2020? How so?
  • What "non-negotiable" do you have in place to maintain your personal wellbeing?



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Episode features: Krista Abel, owner of Dream Home Images in Santa Cruz, CA; Avani Modi Sarkar, co-owner of Modi Toys based in New Jersey; and Tony Vu, owner of MaMang restaurant in Flint, MI.


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