How to connect Square to JotForm

JotForm lets you create easy to use online forms for generating leads, distributing surveys, collecting payments and more. Here are instructions for connecting your Square account.

Step 1
Sign in to your JotForm account.

Step 2
In the form builder, click add form element button on the left side of the page.

Step 3
Go to the payments tab then add Square to your form.

Step 4
Connect your form with Square by clicking the connect with Square button. When the popup window appears enter your username and password and sign in.

Step 5
Select either you want to sell products, sell subscriptions, collect custom amount or collect donations.



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How do I link the jot form to square as a stand alone so it will accept payments? I already have square appointment form in my website for one on one service, now I want to do group.

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Square Community Moderator

Welcome to the Community, @icanread2


I moved your post to a thread with some helpful info on getting your JotForm account to Square. 


Check out the Best Answer by kateiand!


Please let me know if you have any other questions. 



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hi there, 

I have hooked up jotform and Square BUT in jotform integration it shows My Product - I am a dogminder so I have for example doggy day care. I have sold 2 since i set it up - hurray! 




when I see the sales in Square it shows as uncategorised item. I have a target of XYZ doggy day care sales per month, I need to be able to see these sales as Doggy Day Care in my Square Items dashboard.


how do I get the two to speak the same language?


Already contacted Jotform and they say is an issue at your(Square) end.


pls help 🙂


thanks! Resi

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Square Community Moderator

With these type of 3rd party integrations, Square is just the payment gateway on the backend. For this, sales will always import into Square's system as uncategorized. Not ideal, sorry about that. 



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Thank you @JustinC - could you tell me if I can go in and edit the uncategorized item to the correct item?


I have now removed the third party integration and added the Square button instead but would be good to tidy up the above transactions 🙂


Could you also tell me if I can track monthly item sale?

let's say I have a target to sell 30 Doggy Day Care a month and 360 a year - and I can report and maybe (yupee!) have Squre to send me an email/notification when we are close to it? or just a monthly report?


I don't want to use stock tracking because I don't wan to miss that 31/361 booking - just a report.


Thanks! R

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Square Community Moderator

I'm afraid there isn't a way to retroactively edit historical reports, so you won't be able to edit those uncategorized items. 


As for your second ask, great idea but Square doesn't have the ability to notify you when you've made target sales goal. However, you can generate an Item Sales Report from Dashboard and filter the time range by the month using the date selector atop of that report. That way, you'll see how much of an item was sold thus far. 



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