How to make a "cash register" with a lightning reader + an iPad?

I'm working with a community organization that holds a few fundraisers over the course of the year. In November & December, selling Christmas trees, we accepted via Square for the first time via a web site; at that time, I just had to create a single item with a single price.


Next week, we're hosting an auction, and I'd like to use the card-swipe reader so people can pay off their winning bids. But when I load the Square "Retail" app, I still jsut see the one thing for sale (my Christmas tree).


What's the best way for me to swipe user's cards for whatever amount I want to type (which might be $30 or $500)?


I'm open to goofy-but-efficient workarounds - like I'm already thinking of a $1 item called "your contribution," which I could change quantity to 30 or 500.


Also, will I want to make sure people can type their email addresses? I assume so, so was just going to supply a keyboard. (Not open to buying more-extensive hardware for our one-time event.)


Thanks in advance for your input.

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Hi Wtvlgrad23,


I have not used the "Retail" app however, we have been using the POS app - I believe the POS app has a few less features.  Anyway, we sell one of a kind items so what worked for us was to setup generic categories with no prices.  Example:  I make hand quilted wall hangings and the prices vary quite a bit so I setup a category via my online Square account called "Wall Hangings", no price, inventory or description.  All I need to do is select that category, enter some text and a price.   If the customer wants an email receipt, that info can be added via a bluetooth keyboard.  That's what we do.



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Thanks for the advice! Works great.

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